Please find below a selected number of paper and presentations of the 1st E-Mobility Power System Integration Symposium.



Thomas Ackermann (Energynautics, Germany)
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The Powernetworks and E-Mobility: Risks and Opportunities
Susanne Nies (ENTSO-E, Belgium)
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Transformation of the German Energy and Transport Sector – a National Analysis
Kathrin Goldammer (Reiner Lemoine Institute, Germany) – (Emob-142)
> Paper

E-Mobility and its Future Effect on Demand and Flexibility: Chances and Challenges 2035 from a Transmission System Operator’s Perspective
Roland Bauer (50Hertz, Germany) – (Emob-190)
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The Impact of E-Mobility on Distribution Grid Expansion? One Research Question, a Lot of Answers
Sören Patzack (FGH Aachen, Germany)
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The Role of EVs in Ancillary Services
Saskia Thies (Tennet, Netherlands)
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Determination of the Integration and Influencing Potential of Rapid-Charging Systems for Electric Vehicles in Distribution Grids
Marcel Kurth (RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany) – (Emob-155)
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Flash Recharging Tram Catenary-Free: Impact Analysis on Italian Distribution Networks
Diana Moneta (RSE, Italy) – (Emob-60)
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Maximizing EV-Integration in LV Grids Using the Universal Smart Energy Framework
Edward Coster (Stedin, Netherlands) – (Emob-74)
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Peak Shaving by Means of Buffer Storages in Charging Stations
Jonas Wussow (Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany) – (Emob-79)
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Impact of Electric Vehicle Charging on Low-Voltage Grids and the Potential of Battery Storage as Temporary Equipment during Grid Reinforcement
Lukas Held (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany) – (Emob-139)
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Regulatory Issues in the Development of Electro-Mobility Services: Lesson Learned from the Italian Experience
Luca Lo Schiavo (AEEGSI – National Regulatory Authority for Energy, Italy) – (Emob-54)
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Electric Mobility – The Challenges of Regulating the Charging Infrastructure During Early Market Development in Brazil
Antonio Araujo & Ronald Amorim (ANEEL – Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency, Brazil) –  (Emob-57)
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Effects of Heavy-Duty Vehicle Electrification on Infrastructure: The Case of Switzerland
Emir Çabukoglu (ETH Zurich, Switzerland) – (Emob-110)
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Integration of Multifarious Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Flexibility: Applications in India
Rish Ghatikar (Technical Executive, United States) – (Emob-222)
> Paper

The Impact of Electric Vehicles Deployment on Production Cost in a Caribbean Island Country
Emanuele Taibi (International Renewable Energy Agency – IRENA, Germany) –  (Emob-9)
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Electric Vehicle Charge-and-Share: Campus Demonstration on Sustainable Charge, Energy Mobility & Sharing
Yutaka Ota (Tokyo City University, Japan) – (Emob-171)
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Necessary Contribution of Electric Vehicles to Limited Frequency Sensitive Mode: Impact on Frequency Stability in the ENTSO-E Continental Europe Synchronous Area
Joachim Lehner (TransnetBW, Germany) – (Emob-84)
> Paper

EV Charging Coordination to Secure Power Grid Stability
Sonja Klingert (Universität Mannheim, Germany) – (Emob-186)
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Grid Integration of Electric Vehicle Fleets Using a Traffic Light Concept
Marcel Kurth (RWTH Aachen University, Germany) – (Emob-82)
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Grid Impact of Electric Vehicles with Secondary Control Reserve Capability
Thomas Degner (Fraunhofer IWES, Germany) – (Emob-298)
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The Vision of E-Mobility in the Perspective of the Existing Power Infrastructure – Successfully Managing Conflicting Expectations
Karsten Burges (Ecofys, Germany) – (Emob-284)
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Modelling the Electrification of Bus Depots using Real Data: Consequences for the Distribution Grid and Operational Requirements
Markus Dietmannsberger (Hamburger Hochbahn, Germany) – (Emob-24)
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Grid Compatible Flash Charging Technology: TOSA e-bus infrastructure
Valentin Holz (ABB, Germany) – (Emob-51)
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Grid-Integration of High Power Charging Infrastructure
Johannes Brombach (Innovation for ENERCON, Germany) – (Emob-36)
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Assist EV Drivers to Act Smarter
Florian Kutzner (University of Mannheim, Germany) – (Emob-189)
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Assessment of the Marginal Emission Factor Associated with Electric Vehicles Charging
Giacomo Pareschi (ETH Zurich, Switzerland) – (Emob-154)
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Technical Data Analysis and Power Grid Effects of Fast Charging Processes of Electric Vehicles
Georg Göhler (University of Stuttgart IAT, Germany) – (Emob-78)
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Impact of Electric Vehicles on Power Quality in Central Charging Infrastructures
Friedemann Möller (Technical University Dresden, Germany) – (Emob-101)
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Measurement of Harmonics and Sags in Grid Voltages when Charging Electric Vehicles
Jonas Persson (Vattenfall AB, Sweden) – (Emob-127)
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Modelling and Simulation of a Public Transport System with Battery-Trolleybuses for an Efficient E-Mobility Integration
Dirk Baumeister (University of Wuppertal, Germany) – (Emob-105)
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Development of a Model for Power Grids Based on the Cellular Approach for an Optimum Integration of Electric Charging Infrastructure
Julia Vopava (Montanuniversitaet Leoben, Austria) – (Emob-66)
> Paper     > Presentation

Forecast Model for Electromobile Loads at Stuttgart Airport and Fair
Henriette Triebke (Fraunhofer IAO, Germany) – (Emob-137)
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NEFUSTA – the Electrical Fueling Station for E-Mobility AND Grid Support
J. van der Burgt (DNV GL, Netherlands) (Emob-23)
> Paper

Modelling Charging of Electric Vehicles Using Mixture of User Behaviours
M. Shepero, J. Munkhammar (Uppsala University, Sweden) (Emob-34)
> Paper

The Improvement of Grid Integration for Electromobility through Innovative Business Models
K. Rambow-Hoeschele (Glasgow Caledonian University, United Kingdom | Aalen University, Germany |Bosch, Germany),
I. Walter (Glasgow Caledonian University, United Kingdom | Aalen University, Germany), A. Nagl (Aalen University,
Germany), D. Harrison, B. Wood (Glasgow Caledonian University, United Kingdom), K. Bozem (bozem | consulting associates
| munich, Germany | Aalen University, Germany), K. Braun, P. Hoch, Peter (Aalen University, Germany) (Emob-85)
> Paper

Demands on the Electrical Grid Due to Electromobility in Hamburg
M. Schumann, M. Meyer, D. Schulz (Helmut Schmidt University, Germany), M. Dietmannsberger (Hamburger Hochbahn,
Germany) (Emob-102)
> Paper

Sector Coupling: Optimized Scheduling of Electric Vehicle Charging and Heat Production in Home Energy Systems
M. Zimmerlin, M. Wilferth, T. Leibfried (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology – KIT, Germany) (Emob-107)
> Paper

Analysis of Various Charging Strategies for Electrified Public Bus Transport Utilizing a Lightweight Simulation Model
P. Dicke (Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg –FAU, Germany), B. Meyer (Fraunhofer UMSICHT, Germany),
M. Pruckner (Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg –FAU, Germany) (Emob-111)
> Paper

HIL Test of Power System Frequency Control by Electric Vehicles
H. Toda, Y. Ota, T. Nakajima (Tokyo City University, Japan), K.-i. Kawabe (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan), A. Yokoyama
(University of Tokyo, Japan) (Emob-167)
> Paper

Exploring Electric Vehicle Participation in the Icelandic Balancing Market as Virtual Power Plant
F. Steingrube (Reykjavik University, Iceland), S. Perkin (Landsnet, Iceland), E. Lazarczyk, H. Stefánsson (Reykjavik University,
Iceland) (Emob-246)
> Paper