Fees & Registration

Below, find the participation prices for all events of the E-Mobility Power System Integration Symposium 2024. Find the prices for Wind & Solar Integration Workshop here.

Important Notes

  • Participation fees for the E-Mobility Power System Integration Symposium include the available digital papers for the booked conference.
  • The Keynote and Closing Sessions will be made accessible for viewing for four weeks but not available for download to all participants.
  • The following table shows both the gross prices (incl. 24% VAT / 25,5% VAT) as well as the net prices (excl. VAT)
  • Please note that the Finnish government has confirmed that the proposed VAT increase from 24% to 25.5% will go ahead on 1 September 2024.
  • Online registration will not be available on 31 August due to the VAT change.

Conference Participation Fees

Deadline excl. VAT incl. 24% VAT incl. 25,5% VAT
REGULAR 30 August 2024 590,00 €  731,60 €
LATE registration 06 October 2024 645,00 € 809,48 €
STUDENT 490,00 € 607,60 € 614,95 €

Deadline excl. VAT incl. 24% VAT incl. 25,5% VAT
REGULAR 13 August 2024 490,00 €  607,60 €
LATE registration 30 August 2024 525,00 € 651,00 €
LATE registration 06 October 2024  525,00 € 658,88 €

Deadline excl. VAT incl. 24% VAT incl. 25,5% VAT
REGULAR 13 August 2024 590,00 € 731,60 €
LATE registration 30 August 2024 645,00 € 799,80 €
LATE registration 06 October 2024 645,00 € 809,48 €

Accompanying Events


Information Session Recordings

This year, we are offering session recordings for purchase to cover increased technical and personnel costs.

  • The recordings can be booked as an add-on to your main event registration and are not automatically included in the event ticket price.
  • The session recordings are priced between 20 € and 50 € (excl.VAT) depending on the chosen event and includes downloads of all available session recordings. Compared to purchasing sessions separately, this represents significant savings.
  • In regular sales, sessions would be priced at 59.95 € each.

Conference Fees explained

All full E-Mobility Integration Symposium tickets (Regular Participant, Speaker, Poster Presenter, Academic, Student, Sponsor, Partner) allow access to the on-site 8th E-Mobility Power System Integration Symposium on 07-08 October 2024 in Helsinki, Finland. Full conference tickets also include available digital papers of the 8th E-Mobility Power System Integration Symposium. The participation fees also include soft drinks, delegate coffee breaks with finger food and drinks, delegate lunch during conference hours of the booked conference. The Event agenda is preliminary: speakers, sessions and presentations are subject to change until the event date.

  • Accommodation is not included in the participation fee
  • All participants are responsible for paying their own travel and hotel expenses

  • Credit Card
  • Bank transfer until 12 September 2024
  • Manual changes and/or amendments of the online registration (e.g. change of person or invoice address) will trigger a processing fee of Euro 75.00 (excluding VAT)

  • Each accepted paper must be associated with at least one registered author before 13 August 2024
  • Each registered author can be associated to no more than two accepted papers per event
  • Please note that, if you register as an author, you must provide the submission ID number when registering

* Discounted participation tickets for speakers only apply for the conference you are presenting in. For the other conferences regular participation fees apply.

These rates are limited to full-time employees (faculty or staff) of academic institutions with a valid university ID. Academics need to send their proof directly after online registration to registration@integrationworkshops.org in order to be granted the reduced academics fee.

Discounted student fees are granted to students age 26 or younger only (not PhD students or post-docs). Proof has to be provided to registration@integrationworkshops.org before starting the online registration procedure. This can be a certificate of enrollment from which their age is also evident. Alternatively, various documents showing that they are still in their studies and that prove their age (e.g. identity card). If approved, they will receive a student discount code for online registration at student ticket prices.

In case you wish to register 5 or more participants for your company, have a look at our lucrative sponsoring packages. Group discounts are also available!

Only B2B bookings will be processed via the online registration platform. If you are not affiliated with any company, university or institution, please send an email with your registration request (and a list of all items you wish to book) to: registration@integrationworkshops.org

Find a list of all on-site service packages in this detailed Overview

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