We welcome you

to the 8th E-Mobility Power System Integration Symposium in Helsinki, Finland. Engage with industry and academic experts at the Scandic Marina Congress Center for insightful discussions from 07–08 October 2024.

Presentations & Contributions at the Symposium

The contributions at the Workshop are mainly based on a Call for Papers, supported by invited presentations.

  • The official Call for Papers has been closed.
  • Registration is now open and preliminary agenda has been released!

About the Symposium

The purpose of the E-Mobility Power System Integration Symposium is to discuss the challenges that arise with increased power demand due to electric vehicle charging, and how they can be met by coordinating with renewable power production in the electrical system (hence the combination with the Solar & Wind Integration Workshop). The selection of topics also highlights the need for integrating the required electric vehicle charging infrastructure with the expansion of the distribution and transmission system.

The Symposium offers a prime opportunity to discuss the significant future impact of E-Mobility on power system design and operation. It aims to bring together experts on electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, power system operators, and stakeholders of the renewable energy industry as well as power system regulators and universities.


Topics of the Symposium

Project Experience with EV Grid Integration

Grid Forming Aspects and Experience

Power System Aspects with high shares of EVs

Distribution Grid Issues

Market and Regulatory Aspects

Charging Infrastructure Planning & Smart Charging

High Power Charging

Vehicle to Grid incl. Ancillary Service Participation

Charging Methods + Standardization of Charging Modes / Communication

Communication and Security Aspects

Grid Integration Modelling Aspects

Grid Code Issues and Future Aspects

Decarbonization of Energy Sectors

Decarbonization of Transport with Green Hydrogen

Electrification of Urban Mobility

Mobility as a Service

AI and Machine Learning for Grid Integration

E-Mobility and Renewable Energy Integration


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