Remark of Energynautics’ symposium organizing team

We are convinced that meeting peers face to face is the best way to get acquainted, to exchange views and to learn from each other’s experiences. That’s why we organize international workshops.

We are aware that organizing workshops which require physical presence of participants from all over the world, leads to the effect that most of the participants will need to get onboard an aircraft to get to the workshop place. Every flight produces CO₂.  No technical solution for a CO₂ free air travel has been invented yet. However, as long as climate-friendly alternatives do not exist, flight passengers can offset their flight emissions with different initiatives. Offsetting cannot solve the problem of CO₂ emissions but it is a second-best solution as long as the best solution does not yet exist. That’s why Energynautics employees offset their flights – please join us!


Some airlines (such as Easyjet) include the CO₂ compensation in their ticket fee, others (such as TAP, Condor and many others) offer a voluntary option to add a compensation to the ticket fee.

Furthermore, it is possible to offset the flight emissions with different organizations, find some examples here:

Find out which airlines operate most efficiently.