FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find questions and answers regarding the E-Mobility Integration Symposium for the following topics:

If you still have any open question(s), please contact us: info [at] mobilityintegrationsymposium.org .


Where will the Symposium in 2021 take place?
In Berlin, Germany. The exact venue will be announced later.

Do I have to pay for my own hotel and travel expenses?
Yes. Every participant (including speakers etc.) has to pay for her/his own expenses.

How many participants will be expected at the workshops/symposium?
About 120 for the E-Mobility Integration Symposium, 150 for the Solar Integration Workshop, and 250 for the Wind Integration Workshop.

Will food and drinks be provided during the Symposium?
Yes. Coffee breaks and lunch are included in the general registration fee as well as mineral water on the conference tables.

Will social events be organized?
Yes. We plan several networking events (e.g. poster receptions) throughout the whole Grid Integration Week. All these events have no additional cost but are included in the general registration fee.

Will a dinner be organized?
Yes. We plan a Dinner on Wednesday, 29 September 2021. Please note that you have to register separately for the dinner as it is not included in the general registration fee.

Is there a limited number for participating at the dinner?
Yes, as the number of seats for the dinner is limited, tickets are available on a first come, first served basis.


Registration & Fees

How do I register?
Registration will be available online until one week before the start of the Workshop. Find information on fees and the link to the online registration platform here.
Sign up for updates here.

Can I also register directly at the venue in Germany?
Yes, but please note that the price will be higher when registering at the venue.

Are there special prices for students?
Yes, discounted student rates are granted to students 26 and younger only (not for Ph.D.-students or post-docs). Proof has to be provided to registration@integrationworkshops.org  before starting the online registration procedure. If approved, they will receive a student discount code for online registration at student ticket prices.

Do speakers or poster presenters have to pay for the Symposium ?
Yes. Speakers and poster presenters will pay a reduced registration fee as long as they register until 23 August 2021. After that date, the fee for „Speaker/Poster Late Registration“ applies. Please note that only one author per paper can register as speaker/poster presenter.

What payments are accepted?
We strongly prefer payment by bank transfer or SEPA direct debit. However, we also accept credit cards for online registrations. See our registration page (not yet available) for our payment options. For on-site registrations, we accept credit cards and cash.

I am a student and accepted as speaker/poster presenter. Do I need to register as speaker/poster presenter or can I also opt for the students‘ fee?
You may choose the lower fee applicable in the respective time scheme.


Call for Papers/Submission of Abstracts

I am interested in submitting an abstract for the Call for Papers. How do I proceed?
The phase of abstract submission ended on 13 June 2021 (extended deadline). You would like to submit a late abstract? Get details here.

Which is the required format of the abstract?
Free style, plain text, max. 3,000 characters. The abstract should be a short outline of the intended paper to give the abstract reviewers an idea of what to expect. It must not contain pictures, graphics or company names.

What will be the next step after having uploaded my abstract and brief summary?
You will get an email notification for your successful upload.

I have not received the confirmation mail. What might be the reason?
Sometimes it can take a while before emails are sent. If you have not received an email within an hour, please check:

  • in  your spam folder of your email account
  • on the Online Submission Platform if your email address has been entered correctly
  • all messages from the the Online Submission Platform are logged: left menu Your Account »Emails.

How do I know if my abstract has been accepted?
After the Call for Papers deadline the reviewers of the International Advisory Committee will carefully read all submitted abstracts and will then send you an acceptance or rejection no later than 23 June 2021. (Notifications SENT)


Submission of Full Papers and Presentation slide decks

Do you provide templates for the full papers?
Yes, templates are provided on our Online Submission Platform as .docx and LaTeX-templates. You find them on the welcome page after having logged in.

What is the paper format of the full paper?
The format of the full paper is A4.

My abstract has been accepted for ORAL presentation. How do I proceed?
Congratulations! You have now time to upload your full paper together with the copyright form to our Online Submission Platform until 23 August 2021.

You will also have to prepare a powerpoint presentation slide deck that has to be uploaded by 21 September 2021 to the Online Submission Platform. If you cannot keep the presentation deadline, please bring the file on a USB flash drive directly to the Symposium and hand it over to a staff member before the start of your session.

Do you provide templates for presentations?
No, you can use your own company layout for the powerpoint slides. For your presentation please use an aspect ratio of 16:9.


Photos & Videos

Is it allowed to take photos during the workshop and the sessions?
During the sessions it is prohibited to take photos but you are allowed to do so outside the session rooms.

Is it allowed to record or videotape during the presentations?
No. It is strictly prohibited to totally or partly record any presentation held during the workshop.

Will photos or videos be taken by the organizer?
Yes. During the whole workshop our staff will take videos and photos. A professional photographer will also be at our event providing high quality shots that will later on be published on our websites. For a small selection videos of previous workshops visit our Youtube Channel.


Availability of Abstracts, Papers & Presentations

Will the abstracts be available for the participants?
We will try to publish all available abstracts on our websites before the start of the workshop/symposium.

Will the papers be available for the participants?
Yes. The papers are made available for download from our corporate cloud as protected PDF-files. If you are interested in proceedings of previous years, you can order them here for Solar and Wind. The papers of the E-Mobility Integration Symposia 2017 – 2019 are available for download in the Downloads sections of the respective workshop websites:

Can I choose between printed proceedings and the download of digital proceedings?
No. The proceedings are exclusively available as PDF-files.

How do I receive the proceedings for download?
The download link will be sent out per email to all participants in the morning of the workshop day.

Will the presentations be available after the workshop?
Yes. The presentations of the E-Mobility Integration Symposia 2017 – 2019 are available for download in the Downloads sections of the respective workshop websites:



What opportunities do you offer for networking?
Coffee and lunch breaks, as well as our dinner event are perfect to meet other participants. We also organize several poster receptions, which provide an open atmosphere for getting in touch with other professionals.


Session Chair

I would like to chair one of the sessions in my field of experiences. How can I apply?
Please send an email directly to Energynautics’ staff member Uta Betancourt (u.betancourt[at]energynautics.com), telling her title and number of the session you are interested in. The deadline is 5 September 2021. Please note that you have to be registered when sending your request.

I am session chair during the workshop/symposium. Are there any guidelines that help me preparing for this task?
Yes. Guidelines are sent to you by email.


LinkedIn, Xing & Twitter

Is there a LinkedIn Group representing the workshops/symposium?
Yes. Please register for the group here.

Are the workshops/the symposium available as a Xing Group?
No. But we regularly submit posts in different other groups with regards to renewable energy.

Do you twitter?
Yes. To follow us on Twitter click here.