Abstract Submission Made Easy

Help reviewers from the Advisory Committees understand and evaluate your project


Abstract format

Keep your abstract short:
» It should not exceed 3,000 characters
» No pictures, graphics, references and mathematical equations to be included


Point out:
» General scope
» Main results obtained
» Methods used
» Relevance of the subject matter
» Major conclusions drawn


Nature of your work

Indicate on which data the abstract is based on:
» Field data
» Lab data
» Original analysis, technology

Level of expertise

Indicate if it is:
» A master thesis, a Ph.D. thesis
» A research project
» An observation study etc.


If you have gathered all information regarding your abstract, don’t hesitate and submit your abstract.

The official Call for Papers has been closed as of 31 May 2022.
If you wish to submit a late abstract, just contact us per email.