Your Benefits as Sponsor

Being sponsor of one or several events of the Renewable Energy Grid Integration Week not only raises awareness for your company among participants but also gives you the following two main advantages:

Image building in the energy sector

  • Get connected with the Renewable Energy Grid Integration Week –
    a platform where key players of the energy industry meet to share
    experiences and discuss freely without political agenda or implications
  • Gain recognition as a key facilitator of neutral technical communication
    between competitors and energy suppliers

Meet your future employees & partners

  • Find highly qualified students & professionals among participants
  • Network with potential candidates
  • Display your job announcements in our conference material
  • Meet potential partners for new projects


Capacity Building for your team

  • Train your employees on specific topics about the integration of RE
  • Share & receive fresh ideas about current issues
  • Find solutions for your ongoing projects in industry & academia
  • Have serious discussions with worldwide experts


Sponsoring Packages


Book your preferred Sponsoring Package for the combined on-site and virtual conference of your choice and become a MEGA, GIGA or TERA Sponsor for that event. The package includes sponsorship of both the on-site and the virtual event: the two formats cannot be booked separately.

We are very optimistic that a hybrid event format will be possible again in 2022. However, if – contrary to expectations – no on-site event can take place due to the current situation, the stated on-site sponsoring amount of your sponsorship will be refunded. So if only a purely virtual event is possible, you will only pay for the virtual part.

Find more details in the background information or contact us for an individual offer that fits your requirements!


Contact and further information

If you are interested in learning more about our sponsorship opportunities, please contact me

Kathrin Moser
Web: www.

Kathrin Moser, Events, Energynautics GmbH

Kathrin Moser, Events, Energynautics GmbH